Sunday, November 4, 2012

Looking back… connecting the dots

I was moving all my photos from Flickr to Picasa, since i want to keep only the artistic photos on my Flickr account (whatever artsy self i have in me). The photos i have on Flickr, probably contains a good timeline of what i, my family, and the startup life i went through in the past hmmm… 8 years, since 2004. I don't have many photos beyond that, since i remember, i don't like taking photos, and i don't like being in photos (self-confidence issues!). Maybe Dion, Ador, and friends has photos from the past? Anyway, here are the photos, if you want to remember the past.

Flickr Set 1

Flickr 1

Flickr Set 2

Flickr 2

Startup tip: For anyone doing a startup, i highly recommend getting a camera ang start taking photos. It's a good way to look back and connect the dots! :)

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