Wednesday, August 1, 2012

My EastWest credit card and sex toys

Hahay, EastWest bank, i don't understand why i have to explain myself buying an interactive sex toy online (which i did not do), on a card that i had requested cancelled 2 years ago. My last balance payment was August 2010.

I know, you know it was fraud, since 2 months after that, you automatically reverted the charge. But the finance and the late charge due to that sex toy, has not been charged back.

Now i have to go through all the hassle of having to file a dispute, call the collection department, annoy my weekends with threats about not paying my card and how it will ruin my credit record, ruin my american dream -- for a charge i did not make, and for a finance chage or late charge i should have not incurred... if that sex toy did not arrive in my bill.

Then you ask me, Sir did you really buy that sex toy? Dude, do i look like i need one? WTF! If i need one, i would probably have promptly paid for it, lest my wife would see it in my statement. Unfackingbelievable.

Somehow, the entire system got so complex, that for the person making the weekend calls to see what's going on about my account, instead of just blindingly looking at people to call and read the script -- he could have just brought it up with their supervisors or whomever, about why bother our customers, and accuse them of being a non-debt-paying-scumbag, when they can clearly correct this. Seriously, there has to be a better way for this.

At least i know someone is happy after all these, the guy who fraudaulently bought the interactive sex toy. I just hope he enjoys it, since i can imagine, a sex toy that talks, sounds like the bomb! :) Who needs an emotional GF/wife, when you have an obedient, talking sex toy. It sure sounds worth taking a risk.

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