Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Founders Club

For a few months now, we (organized by me and @daveove) have had a series of exclusive meet-up of startup founders in Cebu, which we called the Founders Club. So far, the agenda is to have a regular meeting, and hang out with the teams who are in the startup stage. There is no clear structure or purpose yet, apart from getting updates from each other. The motivation to do these meetings started after the first Startup Weekend Cebu, to do a regular follow-up with the teams.

In the last meet-up, Jaideep, the managing director of NCR Cebu, joined us for a Q&A and discussions about entrepreneurship and innovation. He also gave critical feedback on the team's vision, plans and strategies. One particular feedback i learned from him, is that the meet-up is very valuable, and that we need to put a structure in place, so as not to waste time, and focus the discussion. I also got the same feedback from Harm.

Lately, i've been reading the "The Launch Pad" book, which is about the Y Combinator program, founded by Paul Graham (coincidentally, Dave is also reading the same book, no wonder we've been agreeing to the same ideas lately). And also been looking around the startup scene in SouthEast Asia, and particularly in Singapore. And i've also heard and read about SW Next, and also experienced organising two Startup Weekends in Cebu, and attended one in Davao.

Right now, we have been discussing what to do next. Certainly there will still be more Startup Weekends next year, and we're looking at a new team taking the lead this time.

One missing item that's been coming back-and-forth to us, is having a co-working space. So we have already made concrete plans to do this, and are doing the initial steps. I previously announced the plan about the BahayStartup co-working space. We will change the name though, to avoid confusing it with the BuhayStartup project. So this one is pushing through.

Another item that's been brewing in our minds now is to take the Founders Club to the next level. And here are some ideas:

  • We're planning to make it into a program similar to JFDI, YCombinator, TechStars
  • All the benefits of a seed accelerator, without the seed funding
  • Teams gets access to mentors, either through an exclusive "office hours" meeting and through the monthly meet-ups
  • Monthly meet-ups are treated as mini-demo days. Teams present progress. Mentors and other teams give critical feedback.
  • We can also do remote "office hours" through Skype
  • 3 months program. Teams apply, answer questions, and are interviewed
  • Very selective process, just like most accelerator programs
  • Exclusive for startups, meaning product-based and looking to grow fast
  • Apply same filtering as YCombinator, largely about the team, background and capacity
  • Access to resources and learning stuffs. We are also looking to do the extra mile to help a team take flight.
  • Make the needed connection or referrals. We understand we don't hold the answer to everything, so we make the best effort to refer teams, or make introductions to the ones we know who can help.
  • Since we don't have funding, we're going to operate it as a club membership for now. We're thinking 500 pesos per founder per month.

Why do this?

  • We don't want to waste our time anymore. So we're taking FC to the next level.
  • This will be our first MVP to a "real" accelerator program. The one that has seed money. I believe seed funding is easy to get, once we show "traction". So me thinks, i'd like to get to traction first, before i start blabbing about how great this is.
  • We're not part of any existing program yet nor are mentors. So, why not start one ourselves. Yes, we're the jealous type, so we also want to start our own.
  • BUT, we're not going to make it exclusive. We're the promiscuous type (and jealous!). It's a club, not a religion, so we think the startup teams can use all the help they can get from all places.
  • Going back to traction, one particular perspective i like to see from startup teams is how they make money. Just as Andreesen and Mixpanel recently said, let's cut all the BS metrics, and focus on money. Traction is all about money, M-O-N-E-Y. If a feature doesn't give you money, or lead you closer to it, it shouldn't be called traction.
  • We are an independent team, from scratch, and does not answer to an outside investor (not yet!). So if no one applies, or no one qualifies, or no teams succeeds, then no harm done. BUT, we will measure ourselves to the highest-nth level. 10X level expectations. What this means, our only goal is to make startups succeed, nothing else.
  • And personally, we could really use an extra 500 bucks from everyone, that's like free dinner at Cafe George once a month. How cool is that!? Seriously, we're doing this already anyway, we're just making ourselves accountable for results.

What's the plan now?

  • We're thinking of doing our first batch in Feb, Mar, Apr 2013.
  • In a few days, when the site is ready (it's still a blank WP site now), we will announce the opening, and teams can start applying
  • We are going to be looking for mentors. So far, there's me and Dave. Yes, the BS team, and we're going to deliver real, hard-core BS this time. :) (sometimes, i wonder if people can relate to this joke)

Alright, that's it. Comments, suggestions, ideas, please leave them in the comments below. Too shy to say something, send me an e-mail, hi@markjeee.com.

p.s. If you think this is cool, awesome, great, please help tweet, share this page, to get some buzz, and reach the right people. THANKS!

p.s. If you think this is ugly, lousy, then keep it to yourself.

p.s. Hey mentors, you might wonder, do we get paid to mentor? Nope. Zilch. Zero. BUT, BUUUT you will have a chance to invest in the teams, should you be interested, and of course if the teams are interested in you (remember folks, all monies are not created equal!). This is actually one personal motivation to be as mentor (speaking for myself here). At this age, any company, who's willing to stay ahead, better have acquisition or investment plans in mind. It's clear, it's becoming increasingly hard to innovate from within the company, largely due to the benefits and well-being perks that employees get. When life is good, there's really not a lot of pain to solve for. (speaking for myself as well, hehe, hoping i will not get burned for this, hi CS people! don't worry, we will introduce some non-artificial pains)

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Life in 3

Two weeks from now, it will be 2013. Another year.

Though technically, i reached my own annual milestone, 2 months ago, in Oct; my 32nd milestone.


In the past 20 years, i can view my life in cycles of 3-4 years.

1992-1996.. High school life. Life of discovery. Rock-n-Roll. Hip-hop music. I am one of the brightest kid in the worst section at school, section D. This is also the time, i started my interest in computers and electronics. Life is easy.

1996-1999. College life, all about passing exams, and scoring 1.0. Current dream: To be an astronaut. Or, a Robotics engineer at NASA (safer, than piloting them flying bombs called airplanes). I love Physics, Math and Computers -- perfect ingredients for the said dreams. Met and courted my soon-to-be wife for 1 week (yes, like i said, i 10x everything).

1998-2001. Then Internet came to my life. Start of professional, freelancing life. There's an overlap here, since i started working on projects, while still attending college.

This is the time, i started working at Internet Cebu as a sysadmin, started my social media persona, markjeee, at #upcebu IRC chatroom. And also the time, i worked on projects, Cevor, GoCebu, TheBigWap, Inserv. This era culminated with setting up the CleverLearn Office in Cebu, pre-cluding the Bigfoot company here.

2002-2005. The short stint at CleverLearn didn't turn out good for us. So together with Marvis, we set out on our own, and started LearningToGo. The plan is to sell mobile software, based on Palm and Pocket PC platforms, for the education market. We also started a call center business around this time, since we thought it was the business to be "in". And also a blogging business, at the time when blogging and SEO is still taking off.


2005-2008. The market for Palm OS and Pocket PC apps changed, and we were not able to change fast enough.

So, in 2005, i left LearningToGo, and started a small consulting company by myself, which i called Simpleteq (inspired by the 'simple' mantra of Jason Fried from 37s). My first paying project was to customise the payment options of an osCommerce installation for an adult site.

Soon after, i met Harm, and started working on a Diabetes Card product, which is now the main product of Caresharing. Together with Harm's project, we signed on-board the founding team, Franee, Norlan, and Dioni. And also Dory for a very short period.

During this time, we also had other projects, from DWC and a few other personal gigs.

2009-2012. Fortunately, the Caresharing project was successful, we had revenue. I originally envisioned Simpleteq as a small, boutique consulting firm (yes, just like 37s), with only us in the team. So, everyone in the founding team gathered, and agreed to stop Simpleteq, and focus in Caresharing. We can not do it by ourselves.

So we took it to the next level, from a 12k monthly rent, to a 110k a month rent. Yes, that kind of next level.

I would say, this is the stage where startups are tested. We have grown from < 10 people, to almost 40. This is the time where we expanded our presence in Holland, with a new office and a whole new team. A time where we 10x our customers, and also 10x our revenue.

This is also the time, i've started investing time being part of the local community, in 3 areas, computer programming, startups and running.

This is the biggest company i have managed so far. And this is where i am now.


2013-2016. I noticed, i am at a start of a whole new cycle again, and there are also new stuffs to look forward to. So what are they?

Disclaimer: These are forward looking statements, and are my own, and not entirely of my company, but since i managed my company, it might as well be my company's, but i wouldn't say it entirely, since i am not the company. Get it?!


A common theme i noticed is, go global. Personally, i see myself travelling out of the country. Although Caresharing is in a foreign market, in Netherlands, but i feel like it's not yet global enough. So i see taking this company global, to at least one other market.

We are changing our core business model, that will make it easy to take our main product into new markets. We are also building new product lines that is global from the beginning.

I can see myself, going to places, to run, explore, and do business. I can also imagine, expanding the company we are now, into a global team.

Although global, Cebu is still the main base. I don't see myself migrating to a new country. Although acquiring another citizenship is in my mind, but only for technicality purposes, not for living somewhere else.

I know it's unheard of, for a local Cebu startup company to go global. But, why not. We're given an opportunity to do it, so why not take it? Why not?


I can also see myself being more involved in the local startup scene, in a much deeper capacity.

Perhaps, a co-working space?, Or, maybe a seed accelerator program? Who knows, the seeds have been planted, so it's only a matter of watering them, and making sure they get enough sunlight. I know, i'm crazy and delusional to say things like this, but i think all dreams must start somewhere.


Personally, this is probably the most i'm excited about. Ever since when i was young, i always dreamt of going to places far and unknown, at least to me. I can so imagine, running around HK, KK, Nepal, China, Japan, NZ, AU. Though i don't see myself running UTMB or WS100 in this next cycle, but who knows -- it might become a possibility.

At the moment, this is just a personal goal. And just like everything i do, why not make a business around it. I think, as i do more of these endurance stuffs, i might find a new business to do.

Onward and upward

One key take away i have learned, is that, the opportunities in the next cycle, are discovered and started in the previous cycle. When i look at a cycle point, i don't see myself making a pivot, or a u-turn, or a left-turn, but rather, an acceleration.

There you have it, new cycle, new opportunities.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Davao 2012

Me and wife went to Davao this past weekend. For some running, startups, meet @tweetitow friends, friends back in college, nature, edible plant discovery, and lots of touring.

This is probably the most socially-active trip i had so far. It felt like every day was packed with people to meet and events to attend. No time for relaxing.

It's our first time in Davao, and we managed to mix all kinds of stuffs to do there. We went to see the Philippine Eagle. I don't think we can say we went to Davao if we didn't see any real live eagle (though sad looking ones for being captive).

Mt Apo would have been nice to go, but that requires some serious preparation. Perhaps next time, and a run-up-and-down between Eden resort and Toril might be a good itinerary -- they said, 13KM with 1,800m elevation gain -- i imagine that will be a nice hill training.

We also attended the first Startup Weekend Davao, which i joined as a mentor. Although, probably i'm the most useless mentor there, since i'm not very good at starting conversation with strangers. But i did manage to survive the social event, and met a lot of new people.

We also visited Piclyf's, now Lifebit's, office. It's HUGE, by startup standards. Hehe. It also has all the fancy and cozy facilities of a startup office from SV, including a standing-type glass-door cooler (complete with some soda and beer cans). It feels nice to work in their office, also everything's brand new -- except probably the black couch, which reflects a lot of history, i imagine, the ups and downs of the team where spent on that couch.

As always, we did touring of the city on foot. It's not so small enough, that i got blisters from all the walking. Hehe. They have a lot of malls for their relative city size. I noticed the streets are very much cleaner than in Cebu, and also a lot less traffic, cooler atmosphere, and way, way more laid back.

In one morning, we also met up with the Davao Runner's club, and they gave us a tour of the local running places in the city. I think it's always best to do a tour on foot, since we can stop anytime to look closely, and we get the full experience of local daily life literally on the ground.

We also saw their IT Park (Damosa IT Park), only to my surprise, the buildings there were only 2-storey high. Hehe, not to discriminate, but being ignorant me, when i think of IT park, what immediately comes to mind are tall buildings. So, while running towards there, i keep on searching for them tall buildings. Though they have all the nice place to eat there, the second thing to expect from an IT park. :) And it's across SM, so i can definitely imagine setting up an office nearby. Not that i like to go to the mall, but at least, the office can easily be stocked up with stuffs, if the place to buy is just across the street. :)

All in all, i think Davao is a great city to live in, perhaps for now. Who knows what it will become in the future with all the default "modernization" most want to happen.

I like the mix of a modern city, with good Internet infra, and less than 60kms from the highest mountain in the country. Meaning, adventure is not very far away. I can imagine, living in the outskirts of the city, perhaps Matina or the next town, and then i wake up early, run the trails up Calinan, and if i feel like it, maybe do a bike trip through the back-roads of Calinan-Baguio, and perhaps all the way to the foothills of Mt Apo. Yes, not very hard to imagine, and i am sure, it's going to be epic, e-b-r-i-d-a-y. :) Harm probably mentioned how good the city is, 3 times when we were there, and even when we were back in the office on Monday.

And on Sunday, we run on the Davao leg of the Milo Marathon. It was the fastest 21k i had thus far. My new PR now is 2:16. It will probably be a while before i break a new PR, given that the Davao route was mostly flat, and the weather was very nice, no sun, and mostly cold windy atmos. In the first days we arrived, i was already expecting i can do a new PR this time. I had 2 weeks of rest, and all eager to run. Thought i was a bit worried we spent too much energy being tourist, but as it turns out that didn't create any problem. But who knows, had we just holed up in the hotel, and acted like senior-citizen tourists, i might have broken 2:15, or perhaps 2:10, though a sub-2 is also a possibility (ok, ok, let's stop dreaming).

We also went to some touristy place, as recommended by Mr Piclyf himself (many thanks for the lunch treat!), watched more animals in captivity. I think my kids will like it very much, since when they saw my pics, they complained it's missing the other animals, specially the snakes (maybe snakes are "in" these days).

And tasted coffee made from shit of some mountain animal. While drinking it, i didn't realize that was already it, only afterwards when Rose mentioned it. I'm a regular coffee drinker, and until now, i can't tell the difference. For me, it's all stuffs to drink while being in the "zone". In retrospect, i can now say, i DRINK SHIT for a living.

Ok, i think that's all the talk for now. I'll just let the pictures do the rest of the talking.

Davao 2012

We are definitely going to be back there, 4 things to go back for:

* Samal trail runs (i heard 400m is the maximum elevation). See photo below.

* Eden resort, complete with trail runs around town (like run from Toril)

* Mt Apo, the mother of all adventures.

* And run around Mati region, and the other Davao del Norte attractions. As advertised by mister JourneyingJames.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Looking back… connecting the dots

I was moving all my photos from Flickr to Picasa, since i want to keep only the artistic photos on my Flickr account (whatever artsy self i have in me). The photos i have on Flickr, probably contains a good timeline of what i, my family, and the startup life i went through in the past hmmm… 8 years, since 2004. I don't have many photos beyond that, since i remember, i don't like taking photos, and i don't like being in photos (self-confidence issues!). Maybe Dion, Ador, and friends has photos from the past? Anyway, here are the photos, if you want to remember the past.

Flickr Set 1

Flickr 1

Flickr Set 2

Flickr 2

Startup tip: For anyone doing a startup, i highly recommend getting a camera ang start taking photos. It's a good way to look back and connect the dots! :)

Friday, August 17, 2012

Thank you Facebook

Despite the annoying content on Facebook, despite the privacy setting issues, and despite all the negative reputation of what is Facebook, i say Thank You. A big Thank You.

What i'm grateful for FB, is by bringing everyone online. EVERYONE. Now everyone can get their news, in a super fast, unmoderated medium.

And everyone can make a choice. Pro-RH, anti-RH, dontgiveashit-RH, makefunof-RH, and iwouldratherplayD3-RH, everyone can make a choice (though in psychology we learned we don't really have a choice, but that's for another story).

I know the Internet came first. But before FB, it was hard to bring everyone to the same discussion forum. Now, anyone can post news, can be organic news, or from a blogpost or from the mass media companies. And the social connections quickly picks it up and spread it. And the pick-up and spread is so efficient and organic, that any significant news will spread on its own merit, and not based on decision by some media executive or some political backing.

Of course, there is fear about spreading lies, but these lies are quickly examined in the comments and shares. From there, it will be easy for anyone to dig deeper and make up their own truths. Any truth is also easily questioned, reviewed and verified. After all, we know truth is a personal decision of what we accept as true or not.

Of course it's not perfect. The entire global population is not present yet. There is disinformation and spam. A lot are still coming from the TV generation (passive and mindless). But i'm also not sure if we want it to be perfect.

Some news that has real merit might not spread as fast and as wide than a non-sense one. But to me that's ok, it just means that the other news is more sticky to people. If a news don't spread wide then try again, until you get to the tipping point.

These are exciting times we live in. And as more and more of us come online in FB (or Twitter or G+ or reddit or 4chan or other social media networks), specially the next generation (Justin Bieber and Call Me Maybe fans), it will only become better and more interesting. There will be a lot of noise in these social networks, but overtime as we all do, we will slowly learn how to filter them.

I'm saying this to FB, but this is in theory goes out to all the social networks and the Internet as a whole, specially the blogs and the bloggers out there.

To some of us, this is not old news. Clay Shirky has made books and a TED talk about this. Former US VP Pres. Al Gore even had a speech about this at least a decade ago. The Arab uprising has used this extensively in their own campaign. The Dot Com Bubble had its own sugar rush moment and bonked in the late 90s about this. And the list goes on.

But seeing it work and seeing it cut through some of the hardest and toughest institutions of our time, religion and mass media, is just, just worth mentioning. And seeing it happening in our own backyard, is very inspiring.

Now we know that Senators and politicians and religious leaders and media celebrities and anybody for that matter, can not easily bullshit us anymore. We know and they know, they're just full of BS.

Exciting times indeed.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

A whole new world

This is not about Aladdin's story. But you can read the title like how Jasmine sings it in the movie. Like... "a whole new world..." go ahead, sing it, it's now playing at the back of your mind, it's LSS time! :)

Looking into the future, i think the kind of work environment my kids will be facing will be different from now. Instead of encouraging them to dream of a specific profession and apply for a job, i will encourage them to be entrepreneurial. Also, i will encourage them to find something they are passionate about and find a business opportunity there.

A lot has changed with the Internet and how we all communicate and socialize. Although the need to socialize is still the same, just the medium we use is more efficient and cost nearly zero to maintain. Further, the distribution channel of almost everything had become so small that anybody can create something and easily, cheaply reach out to an audience.

I've seen the impact in the markets i'm familiar with, technology, computing, startups, running, cycling and other endurance sports. I've also seen it in almost all social causes, climate change movement, healthy food initiatives, active lifestyle groups to mention a few.

Now why am i talking about this? I'm slowly seeing the irrelevance of schooling and getting a degree. Although i'm not comfortable yet of not sending my kids to school, because i'm not ready to take on the full burden of educating them myself. But i'm looking at the decreasing dependence of schools and what my kids will get from them.

Perhaps schooling will be viewed as a social venue and training ground for them. Where they practice the craft of learning, make lifelong friends and trial the real world.

Without depending a lot on schooling, they can find what they are passionate about, and set out to be the best on it. Learn by themselves and with friends, practice on their own efforts, enroll in specific classes, and test themselves by going out there and competing or launching a product.

I'm not sure if it comes as a shock to many, but i think not. I am a product of no proper schooling, and not having a formal degree has not prevented me from doing what i like to do and earning money from it.

The only time i had a problem, was when i tried applying for an immigration visa. I learned that a college degree is about 35 points out of 100. And together with my unofficial work experience, i'm probably one of the most "unqualified immigrant" in the system.

But looking at it, i don't see myself immigrating to any country now. The rising Asian economies (have you heard about the dollar and euro markets problem lately?) is creating a lot of opportunities for entrepreneurial people like me. So i think i'm already where i should be.

At this point, i'm very excited what this perspective will do to how we bring up the kids. Imagine encouraging them to be computer pro-gamers, or endurance athletes, or instill in them the dream to be an organic food producer. I'm thinking to encourage them to be travel bloggers, or indie movie producer/director, or dream of building a software startup. Heck even dream of being Justin Bieber is not very far off. Or, anything where they are producing original content, organic ideas, or creating value for people, it's so easy to earn money from it.

I say bazillions of opportunities. And what's more exciting is, it doesn't matter what country or market situation they have or college degree or what school they went to, there are always opportunities to grab, if they just learn the entrepreneurial attitude.

Of course, there are still a lot factors to consider, and one big item here is the environment they grow up with. Family environment, school environment, friends, town, country, etc. At least what i can help in this area, is set it out for them, take the lead in building that environment for them.

In fact, it's one of my main driving motivation to help build a local startup and tech community. Soon i will get myself involved in the running and endurance sports community. Maybe hook up with the social causes community or link up with food producers or link up with travelers.

And when there's already a nice community, i will slowly introduce it to my kids. I'm very excited to see how their exposure will mold their way of thinking. Traveling with them will also be an exciting time of learning and exploration.

Of course, it's still a lot their decision. I don't plan on going religious on them about this. I'm just going to nudge them, give them the "kindle" to start their own fire. It is entirely their choice what kind of life they want to live.

As i look at this, i think it's a whole new world for them to look up to, and one thing i'm very motivated to help in creating.

Friday, August 10, 2012


We've been reviewing the business values we have in the company, and the word empathy keeps on coming back to me.

I define it as mindfully thinking of people first. A company is composed of people and our products are being used by people. At the bottom of everything we do, people are always involved.

Often company policies are thought-up in the name of profit, efficiency and productivity. These policies are well intentioned, and they are good to implement. However without fully understanding why the policies are there, they are often implemented for the wrong reason. It's important to find that balance of people and profits (talking about profits warrants another post).

Having empathy as one of the business value, means we always consider how people will use the policy and how they will be affected by it. People always come first. In the end, the effectiveness of the policy is measured based on how the people adopted it and benefited by it.

It is also the same when building products. If we always keep in mind how people will use it, interact with it and benefit from it, it's not very hard to build a best selling product. In whatever we build, in the end we are offering a solution to people's hard problems.

And that's how i always come back to empathy. By keeping people always in mind, and making sure we're always doing the right thing, doing the good things, i think we come out as a better company.

I know it sounds very righteous to be always doing right and good to people, but if you ask me, and if i look back at what we have done in the company so far, it just makes good business sense. Of course we are not perfect, and there are things we could have done better, and from those we are grateful for we have learned a lot. Nevertheless, the desire to do good to people and put people first is there, it's absolute, and it is a business value that we want to keep.

There's a saying that a company is heavily influenced by the founder's values and culture, and in our case i can say the same. Looking out for people and taking care of them has always been something that gets me motivated and excited to do. I know that this is dangerously close to becoming a me, me, me, oh look how great is me post, and that is not what i want to do here. I'm just trying to connect what we do in business and why we started it in the first place. And it always goes back to those who started it and managed it.

So empathy, it's a very powerful value to have in the company, and one i think will sustain us for the long term.

Thank you very much for reading. Bow.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

App idea: Bill, congress and votes

With all the buzz with RH Bill, it would be nice to know who in Congress voted for or against it.

I'm thinking a web app can be built which lists all the outstanding bill, who created it, who supported it, who are against it and who are ignoring it.

Often there's a lot of talk and news about the bills, but at the end of the day, we want to know what the representatives we all voted for supported.

Maybe there's a web app out there that does this? If not, it would be a nice side project for a team of programmers. It just needs access to data in congress or senate. But maybe someone who's in the inside wants to help?

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

My EastWest credit card and sex toys

Hahay, EastWest bank, i don't understand why i have to explain myself buying an interactive sex toy online (which i did not do), on a card that i had requested cancelled 2 years ago. My last balance payment was August 2010.

I know, you know it was fraud, since 2 months after that, you automatically reverted the charge. But the finance and the late charge due to that sex toy, has not been charged back.

Now i have to go through all the hassle of having to file a dispute, call the collection department, annoy my weekends with threats about not paying my card and how it will ruin my credit record, ruin my american dream -- for a charge i did not make, and for a finance chage or late charge i should have not incurred... if that sex toy did not arrive in my bill.

Then you ask me, Sir did you really buy that sex toy? Dude, do i look like i need one? WTF! If i need one, i would probably have promptly paid for it, lest my wife would see it in my statement. Unfackingbelievable.

Somehow, the entire system got so complex, that for the person making the weekend calls to see what's going on about my account, instead of just blindingly looking at people to call and read the script -- he could have just brought it up with their supervisors or whomever, about why bother our customers, and accuse them of being a non-debt-paying-scumbag, when they can clearly correct this. Seriously, there has to be a better way for this.

At least i know someone is happy after all these, the guy who fraudaulently bought the interactive sex toy. I just hope he enjoys it, since i can imagine, a sex toy that talks, sounds like the bomb! :) Who needs an emotional GF/wife, when you have an obedient, talking sex toy. It sure sounds worth taking a risk.

Monday, July 30, 2012

And so i blog again

So be it. Testing this blogging from the phone.

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I'm going to guess that you come from a language for weaklings. One of those "usable" languages...

I'm going to guess that you come from a language for weaklings 1. One of those "usable" languages that lets you get away with sloppy thinking and half-assed hackery like Python or Ruby. Or, maybe you use a language like Lisp that pretends the computer is some purely functional fantasy land with padded walls for little babies. Maybe you've learned Prolog and you think the entire world should just be a database that you walk around in looking for clues. Even worse, I'm betting you've been using an IDE, so your brain is riddled with memory holes and you can't even type out an entire function's name without hitting CTRL-SPACE every 3 characters you type.

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Adventure starts here.

Bike heaven. Or trail run?