Monday, July 18, 2011

Hacker camp idea - what do you think? I'm happy to organize one.

Fun, non business, non commercial hacking fun.

- 3 days, 2 nights
- With fast internet
- Fast LAN, Fast Wifi, power strips everywhere (for laptops, and other useless gadgetry)
- Non free, paid accomodation, food
- Perhaps some sponsors
- Hack on any code, Ruby, Python, Java, PHP, Javascript, iOS, Android, Mac, Cloud, etc.
- Relatively remote area (will be nice to insert some biking and running)
- Open to Boys, Girls, Others - living quarters is segregated, with a common hacking area.
- Lets look for a retreat area/camping area, that has a good Internet connection (impossible?)
- Mentorship, feedback, and show-and-tell about your project or program
- Not going to talk about business, about marketing, about how to make money. Just focus on solving problems.
- Recruiters, hiring, all kinds of BS not related to hacking, will not be allowed (disclaimer: i'm a manager/recruiter, but for this event i'm only going to wear my hacker self - and probably outdoor/biking self as well)
- Keep an open mind, and a serious hacking attitude
- Best projects, or finished ones will be showcased on the Hacker camp website

Sooo what do you think? Should we do it. I will host and take the lead in organizing it (since i know hackers are super lazy in organizing, they just want to show up and bum around - or so the untrained eye will say, bwahaha).

Please leave your comments below, if you like or not like, or any feedback whatsoever.

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