Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Start by making sure your employees are excited about it.

It’s a good lesson: You’re not just sending out a message externally, you’re sending one out internally too. If your employees don’t believe it, the whole plan falls apart.

That’s one reason why Apple sells Apple to its employees as strongly as it sells Apple to its customers [Signal vs. Noise]. Two commenters there gave an interesting A-B comparison on this idea. Ex-Apple employee Stuart Montgomery wrote:

I used to work at one of Apple’s retail stores and can totally affirm this. They do an excellent job of marketing to their own people, which just keeps the enthusiasm for the company at a constant high. And as I learned working at the store, enthusiasm is contagious; if the employees are excited about the product, the customers are going to be excited about the product as well.

Counter that with former GM employee Harlo’s story:

Similarly, many years ago i worked at GM headquarters. Walking in to the office and trudging my way up to the cube farm – even in my daily tasks – you’d never know that GM made cars. I’ve always considered it the primary reason the American auto industry is falling apart.

Want your customers to be excited about what you sell? Start by making sure your employees are excited about it.

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