Thursday, May 12, 2011

If you ever wonder what Facebook does to support their scale, InfoQ has lots of videos.

Facebook: Science and the Social Graph

Mar 25, 2009 ... In this presentation filmed during QCon SF 2008, Aditya Agarwal discusses Facebook's architecture, more exactly the software stack used, ...

Facebook's Graph API: The Future Of Semantic Web?

Apr 24, 2010 ... There are two important themes behind everything we're delivering today.” says Bret Taylor, head of Facebook's platform products in the ...

Scale at Facebook

May 28, 2010 ... Beside presenting the overall Facebook architecture and scaling solutions used, Aditya Agarwal talks about the iterative process of ...

Evolution of Code Design at Facebook

Apr 28, 2011 ... Nick Schrock presents how Facebook's code evolved over time, explaining some new constructs – fbobjects, Preparables, Ents - introduced to ...

Facebook's Petabyte Scale Data Warehouse using Hive and Hadoop

Feb 21, 2010 ... Ashish Thusoo and Namit Jain explain how Facebook manages to deal with 12 TB of compressed new data everyday with Hive's help.

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