Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Software Craftsmanship: We're tired of writing crap

I've gone from Dan North's post, to Gil Zilberfeld's to Michael Feather's to Jason Gorman's.  It would appear that we, in the software craftsmanship movement have not been clear. I hope this blog clears a few things up.

Why is there a software craftsmanship movement?  What motivated it?  What drives it now?  One thing; and one thing only. 

We are tired of writing crap.

That's it.  The fat lady sang.  Good nite Gracy. Over and out. 

We're tired of writing crap. We are tired of embarrassing ourselves and our employers by delivering lousy software.  We have had enough of telling our customers to reboot at midnight.  We don't want bug lists that are a thousand pages long.  We don't want code that grows more tangled and corrupt with every passing day.  We're tired of doing a bad job.  We want to start doing a good job. 

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