Friday, November 5, 2010

starting your first company: how googleable are you?

Things you should do when you are just starting up:

- make sure you have the right team.  if you are doing a consumer web startup, you *need* someone on the team who is native web product person.  if you are doing real tech, you need someone who is true native techie.

- hire a good startup law firm (i like gunderson) and get standardized incorporation, vesting etc docs.  it's worth it.  (but try to only pay $5K or so with promise to pay more later when you get funding etc).

- talk to everyone you can about your idea.  collect feedback, criticism, maybe garner some allies along the way (even advisors which can help build your credibility).

- if you don't already, read all tech blogs everyday.  Techcrunch, gigaom, business insider, mashable, rww, etc.  read vc blogs like fred wilson, mark suster, and eric reis.  go back and read back articles too.

- start blogging & tweeting if you don't already.  don't over think this.  your blog posts don't need to be shakespeare - just do minimal viable blogging.  document your startup adventures, thoughts on tech, respond to others blogging/tweeting - whatever.  just get out there and write.  

- go to all good startup events and talk to everyone

- how googleable are you?  if you aren't winning the first page of google when you type in your name, that means you aren't doing a good job building your web presence.

- try to work out of an office with other early stage startups.  good energy.

- apply to ycombinator, techstars etc.  no brainer to at least apply.

- if you don't code, don't try to teach yourself and code for your startup.  partner with someone who is great at it.  programming is an art & science and takes years to get good at.

- if you really want to do a startup, be ready to spend the next 5 years of your life doing it.  if you aren't ready for that level of commitment, don't do it.

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