Sunday, November 21, 2010

"Health insurance" for the healthy 50 to 74 yrs old. Those with chronic illness better just pray.

It says 12 mons prior and at least 12 mons consecutive of no diagnosis of having been ill. What the fuck? Who the fuck are they selling this to? They probably only cover fever and colds.

This is no insurance, it's a scam. It shouldn't be called insurance, perhaps pre-need health plan, that's backed by mutual fund investments. That's if there's a mutual fund to it, this looks like outright expense insurance to me.

I think getting a life plan backed by mutual fund, and also a pension plan/retirement plan is way better; or even invest it in "stable" bonds. Get multiple plans to cover different types of expenses later in your life. But don't get any of these Health BS insurance plan now. It's a scam.

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