Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Programmers with motivation problems: Joel has rarely seen successful "turnarounds".

Joel was kind enough to speak last night to Hunch and a bunch of other startups.  For me it was like being a teenager at a Justin Beiber concert - Joel's blog is perhaps my all time favorite.  Some tidbits I recall:

- Sept is critical month for recruiting interns and college grads.  Big companies all have representatives at top schools but startups almost never do.  this is something where startups could get together and benefit from economies of scale.

- Internship programs are critical for recruiting.  Joel recommend 1:1.5 ratio of summer interns to full time devs.  (My advice: even if you are super tiny company start this now - one VP Eng at the meeting said even when he was between jobs he was recruiting so when he got a job he could bring a network with him).

- Great programmers are 5-10x more productive than ok ones yet only get paid 2x or so more.  (Perhaps this is why many leave to start companies?)

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