Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Dark angels, flying about and preying on fresh minds.

For young smart programmers who study a bit about the basic principles of making money, it’s pretty easy to get a steady income from the internet. It’s almost trivially easy, particularly at this point in time where there are many consumers of internet-based products and few producers.

But many people who try to make money on the internet are failing – and one of the main reason they fail is because of angels. Dark angels, flying about and preying on fresh minds.

You see, the angel investors, however benign the name may sound, are not investing money to help businesses get off the ground. They are not investing money so that others will get as rich as they themselves are. They are not doing a nice and social service – they are investing money because they want even more money back. That’s all they are – they are hawks looking to see where they can prey.

And one of their main bait methods is in their writing. Angel investors and others in their eco-system are writing on the internet about how to make money on the internet. These articles are what young programmers read, and the methods that these people write about is what the programmers end up using. Not knowing that they have fallen into a deadly trap that will maximize the potential profits of the angels, while rendering them nothing but statistical nothings, to be discarded at any time.

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