Monday, August 9, 2010

A bio of a Board of Director from a social startup. Please tell me what did he do? (real names withheld, of course)

X, Executive Director

One of the founders of the Y and the organization’s Executive Director, X is an entrepreneur, technologist and activist whose work centers on developing Internet-based technologies to facilitate the rapid transfer of knowledge between people, groups, and organizations. He is the recipient of the A award, runner-up in the B competition, and a finalist in the 2010 C awards. Prior to establishing Y, X was a Chief Technology Officer at an Internet firm serving Fortune 50 companies where he developed technologies that simultaneously optimized users’ networking and personalization within and between online communities and organizations. X has also been involved in the creation of social media applications.  He holds a B.S. from Z College.

a BS - X

This is actually from a valid bio template, you can substitute X with your name, Y with the name of your startup company, Z where you graduated with BS, A is some award you won, B is another competition you almost beat, and C is the award you almost got, but haven't -- almost. Let's be honest nobody's perfect.

Then you can buy a domain at GoDaddy, sign-up for a account (or Squarespace, if you like the dark, gothic look), put in your bio based on the template above, preferably put a big 'Donate' PayPal button beside your smiling, outdoorsy photo (mostly effective with a Sky diving photo or the one where you were almost (almost again, nobody's perfect) swallowed by a shark or being chased by a bear while crapping in the woods), and slap a slogan, 'Green is the next big thing', 'Social means business', or 'The most inconvenient truth revealed' or 'We are social, You are social, You are We, We are you. It's all about You, and We'.

Good luck! :D NOW is the time to do it.

Wait, there's more, sign-up for a Twitter and a Facebook account, then create a Facebook Fan page for your Y startup. Then buy a database of quotes, and whip-up a look-ma-no-hands Ruby on Rails (what else, you should use what the best hackers -- hackers of the year -- use) code to send Twitter status updates every 4 hours (thanks to Guy K for this advice) from that database, interleaved that with your "branding" message -- or, best add a suffix (i know, it is cool engineering) like [via Y]. Can't go wrong with that.

And e-mail... what e-mail?!, e-mail marketing is soooo old school, i highly suggest against doing that, e-mail is not social. Remember when Google tried to insert Buzz to Gmail? Yeah right, it's dead. E-mail is not social. Period. Only grandmas check those. and... chimpanzees.

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