Thursday, July 29, 2010

In 2008, Dutch care providers spent an estimated 1.7B euro on Healthcare IT. In this update: National EHR delayed due impractical pull (centralized) approach.

In the Dutch healthcare system care providers pay their own ICT investments (and make their own software choices). A late 2009 report by M&I Partners calculated that Dutch care providers in 2008 spent about €1.7 billion on healthcare IT.

Specific figures on EHR expenditure by the government were not given, but are estimated to have been at about €100m in 2008.

The total amount of €1.8 billion is quite high as compared to the health IT spend of the English National Health Service, which in 2008/2009 spent approximately €2 billion.

The figures suggest that The Netherlands (with a population almost exactly one third of England) spends about 2.5 times as much per capita on healthcare IT.

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