Thursday, May 27, 2010

What is Crazy Friday? -- Initial ideas

What is Crazy Friday? Every week we set aside Friday as the day we focus on learning, exploration and experimentation. It can be any new ideas that anyone can learn, share and teach to everyone.

Here are some idea starter:

  • It can be learning a new platform, technology, technical environment
  • Learn a new programming language
  • Fork an existing feature and implement it in another useful context
  • Integrate with a known public API, mash it up with another service or your own
  • Develop a new app on a new platform and offer it for free
  • Develop an app for a non-profit organization, help them become better in what they do
  • Start a small coaching group around a certain topic and help interested newbies get on board
  • Figure out something we can do better in our life, in our company, in our office; then propose and implement it for everyone
  • Improve oneself and someone else's remarkability -- moving closer towards greatness
  • Share something interesting you find online, offline, something. Make a presentation about it. Promote it.

A few things it's not:

  • Catch up on old friends in Facebook
  • Sleep at home, which can still be valid if sleep is really needed
  • Boring, un-crazy, un-remarkable, un-interesting stuffs.

A few guidelines:

  • It has be done in open source and open data format (or at least most of it! -- unless it violates someone else copyright and privacy)
  • Make sure it's something interesting, otherwise no one will attend your presentation! :D
  • This is not yet open to strangers. We'll come up with a plan how to do it.

Ok, these are just some initial ideas. BrewedCast is also moved to Fridays. Further, we'll also improve who we invite to the BrewedCast and Crazy Friday sessions (if there's any presentation scheduled), so there's more interaction and no one will be out of place.

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