Wednesday, June 18, 2008

My not so happy day after Father's Day

My father's day, turned out to be not so happy the following day.

My grandmother died on the early hours of Tuesday, June 17; she will turn 84 this year. From my generation, i'm his favorite 'apo', and she brought me up on my early years. She taught me the moral values i know now, the attitude towards selflessly helping other people and always be a good friend. She's a real great person, a leader, a very positive person, very compassionate -- and someone i will surely, really miss.

I will miss the days when she will call at home, to ask for her medications, small change to buy stuffs, pay for this, pay for that. She's very 'makulit', because she knows i can't turn her down. People find ways to ask favor from me through her, which is very annoying at times! :)

One of the reasons why i haven't left our home town, is because of her. I remember, when i moved out and got married -- she always contest why i should live somewhere else, when we still have one room available (she won't mind fitting me, rose, my 3 kids and lots of other stuffs in there).

She had a really great life, she will be missed terribly, she will be remembered forever, and i will always treasure the times when she makes jokes and laughs when i am with her at home.

I just wished she lived longer to see my kids grow up and teach them the stuffs i learned from her when i was young. But i understand that she has to move on, and live the next phase of her life in paradise.

To my lola, thank you, i love you very much; goodbye for now, soon we will meet again.

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