Monday, May 26, 2008

Canon SD750 @ 12k, Canon SD870IS @ 15k

Hi guys, we're planning to have another shipment this week. We're thinking of doing it Wednesday night. If you we're not aware of my previous post, here it is.

This initiative is actually part of our plan to launch a personal buy-n-sell site, named If you go there now, you'll see a splash page (plain text) -- we're in private beta.:) The plan is to build an online store about geeky stuffs, stuffs that we like and that we think you might like too, as well as a community site about the stuffs that we're selling. It's not going to be a generic classified ads nor just another ebay site (and not an MLM). It's also going to be focused on specific vertical areas -- and not just about everything for sale. More details on this once it's ready.

Yes, later we'll be open to work with people who also want to sell stuffs online -- it's going to be a no-brainer selling and buying online.

What we are doing now is seeding the site. :)

Ok, since i'm too lazy to re-post the information here, you can visit this particular page to see the digital cameras (it's a secret link):

TIP: We're not going to make it a secret, if you look closely at the picture on the right, you'll see where we are buying the items. :) It's always good to know we're not buying bootleged stuffs.

TIP #2: And if you ask, if this is legal? I honestly have no idea. But i have a feeling if we keep the volume low, no one's going to bother, unless of course we're shipping hundreds of digicams a week. :)

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

I'm buying a new digicam... who wants to buy too?

Yo, I'm planning to buy a new digicam from the US, the Canon SD870, it's priced at 22k pesos from the muradito site (probably the cheapest locally). It's called Ixus 860 IS here in the Philippines, you can view the listing at muradito.

Now, take a good look at the photo on the right.. what do you think? Ain't it a beauty? Deym right you are! Then imagine holding it in your hand and capturing that special moment (ok, i'll leave that to your imagination). Yes, it's a must have!

If anyone wants the same digicam (it's highly recommended, see Ken's review), i can buy 2, and i can sell the other one to you for 15k (inclusive of shipping and handling -- that is 7k less than muradito, and probably more less if you buy from retail stores). What you can do with 7k? Spend it at Abaca and put your new digicam to good use! :)

I plan to buy on Thursday, let me know if you are interested. If you want to buy a different digicam brand or model, let me know as well.

The caveat is that the warranty is US only (i guess the same as getting a pasalubong from a family or relative in the US). So, if there are problems, and you want it to be fixed under warranty, you'll have to ship it back to the US.

You can have it fixed with the local Canon service centers though, but that will be on your own expense. However, based on experience with compact cameras, there's a very tiny probability that you'll have to return it. So, when you buy through this method, make sure you understand this clause.

Yes, the item will be brand new, i'm mostly likely buying it from Amazon. And yes, we have done this gazillion times already, buying and shipping without problems from the US. Let's just say we figured out a solution (trade secret, hehe). :)

Anyone interested?

Footnote: Installment? Ok, *maaaaaaybe* we can arrange that too. Max 3 gives, 3 months, 0%. I'll have to know you (and trust you) a lot for this method to push through. Granting that i don't know a lot of people, maybe find someone who i know a lot (and trust) to bank you up. :)

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

How important are your college grades?

Your College is not a technical school
Link: http://www.iwillteachy.

Why don't companies ever hire me?
Link: http://www.iwillteachy.

From the articles above, Ramit nailed it on the spot, why your grades don't really matter when you apply for work. Yes, it matters a lot on your first job, but after that, most companies look for experience.

Of course, having good grades is still important, since it will measure how good you did with your job as a college student (taken as an experience). However, it won't fair much if you also work while still in college. Being a working student offers you a lot of experience, insight in terms of time management, discipline, technical skills, opportunity and network.

And best, start your own business. Start something, failing and learning is the best experience you will ever get. I for one will always prefer someone who tried to do something and failed, then learned from that experience.