Friday, February 22, 2008

Time for a coool change...

We just got home today from Velez, a day late than expected. I think Meg and Miggy are feeling the change, and initially, i think they don't understand what's going on -- apart that there's a baby in the house -- which hopefully they can relate that the baby used to live in mama's tummy.

We've been telling them from 9 months ago that there's a baby in mama's tummy. And i think they get the baby part and not the 2 other things: that the baby is inside mama's tummy (they probably just though mama is fat!!!) and that there's going to be some changes 9 months later.

Earlier today, when we arrive, i notice Meg was playful with the baby, she likes to hold the head, the hands and likes to observe. And she is playing along. What i think she's wondering if there's going to be some changes and if it will change her cute little baby position. I think she shrugs it off all through out the day until bedtime comes. Perhaps this baby will go home before bedtime.

She sleeps beside me now (not really her favorite place -- probably i snor a lot! Hehe). She's been at it almost all night. Crying, looking at Mama and the baby, and slowly waking up to the reality that there's going to be some changes -- and that it will affect her usual comfort zone and her precious 'baby' title.

I'm just amazed at how the situation unfolded -- and how Meg takes it. She's not the violent type of kid (unlike Miggy who likes to muscle his way around people), and i can feel that she is trying to understand -- since i also think she understands that she needs to live along with the baby. She just resorts to crying.

Right now, just crying, trying to pull some last strings, and hope that things will go back to normal -- and the position change is just temporary turn-around in the twilight zone.

For us parents, it's a challenge, but i think it's not that hard to guide and help the kids adjust. This is the first time there's going to be some waking up from them, since when Meg was born, Miggy was still 1 year old -- and he probably has no idea what's going on. When he comes to realize that he needs to fight for attention, he's already well aware of Meg and our family ecosystem. But for Meg, she's used to the comfort of the youngest baby and the problem is that she's fully aware of the changes right now. She probably wished it happened 2 years earlier! :D

(I'm probably looking at this from an older kid perspective who thinks about the situation -- but somehow i feel they are really thinking this through. One thing that Meg can expect though -- is that she's the only baby girl -- and to me that counts for something)

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