Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Work incentive: Free lunch at the office

Have you seen what it's like to work at Google? You should see the top 10 reasons to be a Google slave. Scott (MeetUp CEO) posted a comparison between working at Google or with MeetUp. Of all the perks you get at Google, one thing we are most envy of is the free lunch. (Good food is a way to a man's heart?)

This particular perk has been reviewed over and over again, and had made other companies (ahem, ???) envy. And we were thinking, we'd like to have that too. Not only is it economical for everyone, but also a healthy alternative and a good way to keep the team together. There is a saying that the team that eats together, stays together.

We're looking for a food catering service that can provide what we have in mind:
  • Food and service is payed for by the company and is paid as one bill (monthly/weekly?)
  • Professionally served like any food catering service in any major event
  • 2 main courses, 1 soup, fruits (banana, mango)
  • Provides plates and utensils
  • Serve lunches: 11:30am, Monday to Friday
  • Serve for 5 people (we will soon expand with 4 more, so that brings the total to 10)
  • Budget: 100 -150 pesos per person
  • Fixed payment per bill, can vary depending on specials
So far that's it. We don't need waiters in the office, just bring the food, and leave it until 4pm? We're really lazy people (ain't we programmers?) and we don't like washing the dishes.

If you know someone, please let me know.

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