Thursday, January 10, 2008

Looking for an Admin Assistant

We are a group of programmers that offer consulting and development of web applications. We've been in business for at least 2 years now (went 2, last October). Our company name is SIMPLETEQ, website:

Our current project now is Caresharing (in fact our only as a group). We are expanding this project this year as a new dedicated business that will continue to develop the Caresharing products and services. You can find out more about this business here: (dutch). An English version about our product can be found here: This business is a well-funded software business startup, with a profitable product and an experienced team (not an outsourcing company that works for projects/clients).

We are hiring a few people, 2 Ruby programmers, 1 Ruby programmer with background in Systems Administration and an Admin Assistant. New hires will work for Caresharing.

Typical tasks of an Admin Assistant are:
  • Handles government taxes, benefits, filing
  • Handles office bills, supplies and petty cash
  • Handles office documents, filing
  • Keep tab of office maintenance
  • Facilitate incorporation procedures and business registration
  • Look for office space
  • Handles phone calls
  • Coordinate, organize group events
  • Coordinate hiring
  • Handle business travel arrangements
Salary starts at 14k. Office hours: 10am to 7pm. Office: A.S Fortuna St., Mandaue City. To apply please send an e-mail to

P.S. I will post the other positions on my next post.

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