Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Just read: How to create a local high-tech hub

Link: http://outsidethevalley.com/2007/07/01/how-to-create-a-local-high-tech-hub/
Via: http://www.pinoywebstartup.com/

I found this post from 'Outside the valley' blog, about how to create a local high-tech hub which leads to the silicon valley culture.

The first one talks about (1) Create a city with a tech creative-class culture. the second one (2) Create a city with a world-class university.

I've been thinking what it takes for us to do that here in Cebu. I think we are already producing a lot of tech graduates every year -- since we have the world-class universities. I also think there are already a lot of rich people locally who are willing to invest.

I think what we need now is to foster the tech creative-class culture.

This is one of the motivation behind our CoderPH project. We're slowly promoting it when we can, and if you know anyone in programming or just starting to learn programming -- please refer them to the website, and we'll try to help anyway we can.

We are also advocating programmers to try a start up and experiment with their own product through the project.

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