Monday, January 28, 2008

First tip to being successful: Passion


How do you define success? I found this link about 'Secrets Of Success' presentation (it's a YouTube video) by Richard St. John at TED. From his interviews and research for over 7 years, he found the secrets to be:
  1. Passion - Do it for love, not for money
  2. Work - Nothing comes easily, work hard and have fun
  3. Good - Be damn good at what you doing, practice, practice, practice
  4. Focus - Focus on one thing
  5. Push - Push yourself, push your shyness and your self doubt, even your mother can help
  6. Serve - Serve other something of value
  7. Ideas - Have a good Idea
  8. Persist - You have to persist through failure or through CRAP (Criticism, Rejection, Assholes, Pressure)
The number one is passion -- i believe everyone has it in a way different and unique, otherwise there won't be much reason to live life. It can also translate to loving your job, whatever that may be. Of course it can also be loving your boss and money will come! hehe -- that is a different kind of way looking at it -- and does not always guarantee success -- unless he's single!

Find your passion and focus your effort on that. Take small steps everyday doing it!

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