Friday, January 18, 2008

Cross-posting doesn't work if you use a custom domain in Blogger

Ouch. I tried to change my Blogger address to a custom domain ( I waited for a day for the DNS changes to propagate. Now, when i try to post new blog items today (i changed it yesterday), i noticed the posts are not showing up on my blogger account.

I tried searching if there was a known problem, or if someone has discussed this problem before. As a test, i tried to return back from custom domain to blogspot's hosting. And now it's working back again! :)

I think cross-posting to Blogger is not yet perfect, which i think leaves some room for improvements.

Now, i'll have to find a way to proxy traffic from to my blogspot address, so that domain still works like it's set as a custom domain from blogspot (time to look at nginx proxy features!).

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